A Cost Effective Method Of Achieving That Polished Concrete Look

Total Grind ‘n Polish understand that there are a lot of clients who want a polished concrete look but without the price tag.

How Does Honing Differ From Grinding?

Honing the floor means that Total Grind still grind and prepare the floor, repair holes and dents but do not polish the concrete.

The polished look is achieved via a sealant rather than grinding therefore reducing the cost of the overall finish. Sealant options can also vary, allowing for gloss, matte and non-slip surfaces to allow for wet area use and Internal and external use.

Concrete Honing and Sealing can be a cost effective re-surfacing option for both residential and commercial uses. Our coatings have can also have an additive which significantly improves the strength and durability of your floor. Different non-slip ratings are available.

Why Would I Choose Polished Concrete Over Honing And Sealing?

Sealants do require maintenance in order to ensure the life of the sealant lasts for it’s proposed lifespan. Sealant life depends on the frequency of maintenance, floor use and environmental factors.

Polished concrete requires no maintenance because the shine is permanent.

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